3rd Round Token Sale x BAIBIT Exchange 2019-04-18
We are happy to announce our 3rd round token sale conducted on BAIBIT Exchange.

Where: BAIBIT Exchange
When: 2019. 04. 18 (Thursday 14:00 KST) ~ 2019. 04. 21 (Sunday 14:00 KST)
Accepted Currencies: KRW
Total Sale Amount: 300,000,000 AIR (300M)
Price: 1 AIR = 1 KRW
[Capital Increase Airdrop]
All AIR Tokens purchased from BAIBIT Exchange are eligible for the Capital Increase Airdrop pool at a ratio of 50% if held until the time of Snapshot.
Ratio: 0.5 AIR per 1 AIR held.
Snapshot Date: TBA at the end of all Token Sale rounds.
Make sure to sign up for BAIBIT Exchange ahead of time to participate in AIR Token 3rd Round Token Sale!
BAIBIT Exchange
Telegram Announcements:
2nd Round Token Sale Complete 2019-04-18
We would like to thank everyone who has participated in our 2nd round Token Sale.

Out of the 400M AIR allocated towards the Token Sale held on IDCM Korea Exchange, 68,097,986 AIR Tokens will be burned after the final completion of all Token Sale rounds.

Due to the burning of unpurchased AIR Tokens from the 2nd round Token Sale, unredeemed allocation of tokens from the Capital Increase Airdrop pool will be distributed evenly amongst all Token Sale participants from each round.

Thanks to our community and the strong support, we were able to complete our 1st Token Sale round days early and have successfully completed the 2nd round.

We would like to thank our community one more time with the deepest of gratitude.

Support and spread the news about our 3rd Token Sale round and stay tuned in our community channels for new events and announcements!

AIR WALLET Random Airdrop Event. 2019-04-18
The AIR tokens distributed from this event is not eligible for the Capital Increase Airdrop distribution pool.
For more information about AIR WALLET, please visit our community below.

BAIBIT Exchange
Telegram Announcements:
AIR WALLET expands company to Europe. 2019-04-16
AIR WALLET announced on Tuesday that it has established a subsidiary in Estonia. As a result, the possibility of supporting Euros (EU) on the AIR WALLET’s platform.
For more information, please make sure to visit our official Medium announcement:
2nd Round Token Sale x IDCM Korea Exchange 2019-04-03
After a successful 1st Round Token Sale on Trebit Exchange, in which all 200 million AIR Tokens sold out early, AIR WALLET is happy to announce its Second Round Token Sale on IDCM Korea Exchange. See more details below:
Token sale:
Where: IDCM Korea Exchange
When: 2019. 04. 4 (Thursday 12:00 pm KST) ~ 2019. 04. 11 (Thursday 23:59 pm KST)
Accepted Currencies: IT, BTC, ETH
Minimum purchase amount: 0.01 BTC, 0.5 ETH
Total Sale Amount: 400,000,000 AIR (400M)

In order to purchase AIR beginning April 4th, please pre-register on the IDCM website:
MakerDAO Partnership announcement. 2019-03-28
AIR WALLET is happy to announce our official partnership with MakerDAO and the integration of CDP on the AIR WALLET platform.
In partnership with MakerDAO, AIR WALLET will introduce CDPs to the South Korean market and become the first cryptocurrency and digital asset wallet to integrate CDPs in South Korea.
Read more at:
For more details regarding MakerDAO, please visit: MakerDAO Official Website:
MakerDAO Official Twitter:
MakerDAO Official Telegram:
Capital Increase Airdrop Announcement 2019-03-27
After the completion of the Token sale (and)or IEO, all unsold tokens will be burned. To provide a stable circulation of tokens within the AIR WALLET platform, 20% of the total AIR will be allocated to the Capital Increase Airdrop, of which all AIR token sale and IEO participants will be entitled to, along with all Airdrop and Bounty participants.
Once the AIR token sale (and) or IEO has been completed, AIR WALLET will calculate the amount of tokens held per address and distribute AIR tokens from the Capital Increase Airdrop pool.
In the event that the leftover tokens are burned, due to unsold AIR Tokens after the Token Sale has ended, the leftover tokens will be distributed evenly among all round participants from the Capital Increase Airdrop Pool. The Capital Increase Airdrop token distribution will take place within 3 days after the completion of all token sale round.
Read more:
Bounty & Airdrop Tokens Distribution Complete 2019-03-21
Distribution of Airdrop & Bounty campaign tokens has been complete. 
We would like to thank everyone that has participated in our campaigns and show the deepest appreciation for everyones help. 
Please stay tuned in our community channels for the latest news and updates!
Bounty & Airdrop Token Distribution 2019-03-27
AIR WALLET would like to thank everyone that has participated in our Bounty and Airdrop campaigns.
We will be distributing tokens to participants on 2019.03.27 (Wed.) 6:00PM KST.
Thank you.
1st Round IEO Complete! 2019-03-26
The team at AIR WALLET is happy to announce the successful 1st round completion of the AIR Token Sale 3 day early than expected. 
Please be sure to read up on our Capital Increase Airdrop and stay tuned in our community channels for the latest updates. 
We will be sure to announce the date and name of the exchange to conduct the 2nd round IEO of AIR Tokens. 
Stay tuned!
Token Metrics & Bounty Distribution Revision 2019-03-21
  • Total Supply: 1 Billion AIR
  • Circulation: N/A
New Token Distribution
  • 30% Token Sale
  • 20% Capital Increase Airdrop
  • 20% Reserve
  • 15% Team
  • 10% Partnership/Advisor
  • 5% Referral (Bounty & Airdrop)
For more information, please visit out official medium article. Thank you.
1st Round Token Sale 2019-03-21
Where: Trebit Exchange ( )
Time: 2019. 03. 21 (Thursday 12:00 KST) ~ 2019. 03. 28. (Thursday 12:00 KST)
Accepted Currencies: KRW, BTC, ETH
1 AIR = 1 KRW / 0.00000022 BTC/ 0.0000066 ETH
Min Purchase Amount: 10,000 AIR
Total Sale Amount: 200,000,000 AIR (200M AIR)
We would like to show our deepest of gratitude to our community for supporting the AIR WALLET project and helping AIR WALLET become the company that it is.
AIR WALLET will become the bridge for real token holders to connect with a variety of services and make use digital assets without ever needing to leave the platform.
Thank You.